Felt Roses with Scrap Felt

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Felt Roses with Scrap Felt

Hello everyone!  I contacted Renae about guest blogging because I LOVE Benzie felt and want to show how you can make some amazing flowers with your scrap felt.  If you are anything like me, you have piles of chunky scraps that you can’t throw out but are too small for full pattern pieces.  These roses are easy, free form and come out so pretty!  Let’s get started.

*Note before starting - Real roses aren’t perfect…they have chips in their petals, they are wavy, the petals aren’t perfectly smooth across the top nor are they all the same size.  I have a pattern, but honestly, I just cut out free form petal shapes to make the most of my scraps.  This is a project to release your control and be free!

Felt scrap flowers 

What you need:
Flower colored felt scraps
Leaf Colored felt
Floral wire – one heavier piece for stem, two finer for leaves
Hot glue and Glue gun
Sharp Scissors
Flower pattern (Optional)

Felt flower petals

Cut out petals. 
I usually cut out a bunch of petals of varying sizes, some with dips in the middle and some with a little bulge on the top.  Just make sure they all relatively straight cut bottoms.

Make felt flower roses

 Shaping the Petals 

  1. Place a small dot of glue right in the middle on the base of a petal.
  2. Pinch petal together and hold for a second or two.
  3. Turn petal over and find the little wedge you just made.
  4. Without cutting it all the way off trim the excess wedge.
  5. Do this with all your petals except the 4 big ones.

Forming a felt rose

Adding Character to your Petals

Roses have little curls in the tops of their dainty petals…lets give ours the same!  There are two ways and I will do about half and half to my petals.

A. On your petals with a little bump on the top, place a small dot of glue and fold it over toward the back.

B. On the flat topped petals, place a fine line of glue across the top.  Being gentle, roll the edge down and just hold in place for a few seconds waiting for the glue to set.  If you have a petal with a dip you can do this technique to one side or both sides.

When you’re done you will have a pretty pile of rose petals!


Making a felt flower rose

Making your Rose

Pieces Suggested - 1 small petal, 10 medium petals, 4 large petals

  1. Take a small petal, fold into a tube and glue.
  2. Grab a petal, place a line of glue across the base and curl it around the center.
  3. Repeat on the other side.  You have created the first ring.

Forming a felt flower

4.  In the next ring, use 3 petals, in the ring after that use 5 petals evenly spaced.

 how to form a felt flower rose

5. The outside ring will only have the 4 big petals.  Instead of using the pinch method from earlier, you will make 2 snips in the bottom and glue them together in a little stack.  This makes a deeper cup shape that will allow them to get around your beautiful flower.  Glue the last four petals onto your flower and this part is finished


Adding green leaves to felt flowers

Adding the Greens

Pieces Needed - 6 leaves, 1 five pointed leaf

  1. If you didn’t start your rose on a stem (as explained below with the rose bud) insert the thicker floral wire through the center and secure with a bit of glue. There should be a small hole through the center but if it got covered up just use your snips to poke a hole through the glued petals.
  2. Cut out the 5 pointed leave and snip a small hole in the center. Put the wire through the center.
  3. Add glue to the base and secure the the underside of the rose.
  4. Cut out 6 leaves and add three snips into each side.
  5. Place a line of glue onto the end of the floral wire and place onto the top leaf.
  6. Add a line of glue to one edge of the second leaf.  Make a sandwich with that leaf, the wire and the third leaf.
  7. Repeat for the second leaf branch.

8.  Using floral tape wrap one leaf branch onto the main stem and voila! You have made an amazing realistic rose from scraps!


Make a felt rosebud

Make a Rose Bud

Make a Rose Bud

Pieces Needed: 1 small petal, 3 medium, 1 four pointed leaf

I always have extra petals left over so why not make a pretty little rose bud?

  1. Place a thin glue line down the edge of a small petal.  Place the stem wire in the glue and wrap the petal around  and secure.
  2. Glue three petals around the center.
  3. Cut a 4 pointed green leaf bottom, poke a hole in the center and secure to the base of your rose bud.
  4. Use floral tape and secure the second leaf branch to the rose but stem.
  5. All done!


These little flowers are my favorite to create.  They look beautiful, are easy to learn, can be given realistic flair with a few simple techniques and best of all, use up my growing scrap pile!

Felt Rose Bouquet

Color Tips

Try using complementary colors in the same flower, like Butter and Ecru, Peony and Pink, Red and Crimson, or Linen and Oats…the colors options are so plentiful, just like a rose garden.

As the holidays are coming up experiment with making orange and black roses for Halloween or make a “Black and White” version using only the greys, white and black!

Felt Rose Bouquet  

Alicia Burstein is a long time maker, mom, wife, nurse and lover of all crafty things.  Her little company Spicy Sweet Pea produces sweet headbands, handmade toys, wall hangings, and fun clothes for our little ones.  Visit her Etsy shop SpicySweetPea.etsy.com for great items for the littles (and even you!) or message her directly for flowers arrangements, commissions, personalizations of current listings, or just to have a crafty chat!

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